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Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire


Roman Empire [Dip.Hist.] Based on Gibbon’s work which covers the history of the Roman Empire from the First century to the Fifteenth century AD. This extensive and detailed course covers the events and the backgrounds to them, the characters involved in the prosperity of the Empire its decline and separation into the Western and Eastern Empires, the collapse of the Western Empire and the destruction of the Eastern Empire in the fifteenth century by invasion from the Turks.

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Part I

 The extent and military forces of the Empire in the age of the Antonines

Part II

 The union and internal prosperity of the Roman Empire in the age of the Antonines

Part III

 The constitution of the Roman Empire in the age of the Antonines

Parts IV - VI

 Brief discussion of the collapse of the Antonine régime into excess enabling the  military monarchy of Severus to rise.

Part VII
 The elevation and tyranny of Maximin
 Rebellion in Africa and Italy, under the authority of the Senate
 Civil wars and sedition
 Violent deaths of Maximin and his son, of Maximus and Balbinus and the three Gordians
 Usurpation and secular games of Philip

Parts VIII – XIV

 A discussion of the Persian and Germanic barbarians pressing on the Empire’s  Eastern and Northern borders respectively.

Part XV

 Progress of the Christian religion
 Sentiments, manners, numbers and condition of the primitive Christians

Parts XVI - XXI

 A discussion of the claims of Christian apologists concerning the extent and severity  of the persecutions inflicted on the new faith by the Roman state.


 Julian declared Emperor by the Legions of Gaul
 His march and success
 Death of Constantius
 Civil administration of Julius


 Religion of Julian
 Universal toleration
 Attempt to restore and reform the Pagan worship
 Rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem
 Artful persecution of the Christians by Julian
 Mutual zeal and injustice

Part XIV

 Residence of Julian at Antioch
 Julian’s successful expedition against the Persians
 Passage of the Tigris
 The retreat and death of Julian
 Election of Jovian
 Jovian saves the Roman army by a disgraceful treaty

Parts XV – XVII
A discussion of the consequences of Diocletian’s principle of division leading to the  separation of the Eastern and Western Empires by Emperor Valentinian


 Final destruction of Paganism
 Introduction of the worship of saints and relics among the Christians


 A discussion of the sack of Rome on the 24th of August 410 AD challenging casual  assumption about the relation of the recent and distant past.


 The character, conquests and court of Atilla, King of the Huns
 Death of Theodosius the Younger
 Elevation of Marcian to the Empire of the East


 Invasion of Gaul by Atilla
 He is repulsed by Ætius and the Visigoths
 Atilla invades and evacuates Italy
 Deaths of Atilla, Ætius and Valentinian the Third


 A discussion of the moral poisons leading to the collapse of the Western Empire under its last Emperor Augustulus


 The Gothic kingdom of Italy

Part XL

 Elevation of Justin the Elder
 Reign of Justinian
 Empress Theodora
 Factions of the circus and sedition of Constantinople
 Trade and manufacture of silk
 Finances and taxes
 Edifices of Justinian
 Church of St. Sophia
 Fortifications and frontiers of the Eastern Empire
 Abolition of the Schools of Athens and the Consulship of Rome

Part XLI

 Conquests of Justinian in the West
 Character and first campaigns of Belisarius
 Invasion and subjugation of the Vandal kingdom in Africa
 Belisarius’s triumph
 The Gothic War
 Recovery of Naples, Sicily and Rome
 Siege of Rome by the Goths
 Retreat of the Goths
 Surrender of Ravenna
 Glory of Belisarius
 His domestic shame and misfortune


 Discussion of the separate nations to the north and east of the Eastern Empire

Part L

 Arabia and its inhabitants
 Birth, character and doctrine of Mahomet
 Mahomet preaches at Mecca
 He flees to Medina
 Propagates his religion by the sword
 Voluntary or reluctant submission of the Arabs
 Mahomet’s death and his successors
 Claims and fortunes of Ali and his descendants

Part LI – LIII

 Discussion of the similarities of the rise and prosperity then collapse of Mahomet’s  Empire

Part LIV

 Origin and doctrine of the Paulicians
 Their persecution of the Greek Emperors
 Revolt in Armenia et cetera
 Transplantation into Thrace
 Propagation in the West
 The seeds, character and consequences of the Reformation

Parts LV – LXVII

 Discussion of the scale and complexities and clashes of cultures during the Crusades


 Reign and character of Mahomet II
 Siege, final assault and conquest of Constantinople by the Turks
 Death of Constantine Palæologus
 Servitude of the Greeks
 Extinction of the Roman Empire in the East
 Consternation of Europe
 Conquests and death of Mahomet II

Parts LXIX – LXX

 After the fall of Constantinople


 Prospect of the ruins of Rome in the fifteenth century
 The four causes of decay and destruction
 Example of the Coliseum
 Renovation of the City

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