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The College of Management Science provides distance learning courses online by direct learning enabling you to train at home in a range of subjects without disrupting your work or family life. The College is an open learning college allowing you to obtain credits for prior learning when appropriate and to maximize your course achievements. The College's courses are registered with the Course Providers Accreditation Scheme and the National Learning Directory. Graduating with the College may enable you to gain entry to a professional or academic body in your field of interest. The syllabuses shown on this site are the college’s most popular courses. We do offer other courses. If you do not see the courses in which you are interested, please email us at college@unifaculty.com and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Quantum Theory Diploma


Quantum Theory [Dip.Sc.] (for Paranormal Investigators and others) Discover the weird world of Quantum where one living being can be in two different places at the same time and follow the search for the ultimate theory of Everything.
Your student pack includes the necessary text together with a student guide and study assistance. In addition to the material, one-to-one help is available throughout the course by email.

Part I An introduction

Part II Nature’s conjuring tricks examined

How can something be in two places at once?

Part III the origins of quantum

 Planck’s Constant

 Particles of light

 Dual nature of light

 Niels Bohr’s work

 Louis de Broglie’s work.

Part IV Probability and Chance


 Anatomy of an equation

 Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle

 Impossible halos, radioactive decay.

Part V Spooky connections

 The two-slit trick explained

 Particle interferometers

 A dice game played on Earth and planet Pluto


 the EPR Experiment

 the EPR Paradox

 Bell’s Theorem

 Quantum Chaology

Part VI Seeing Affects

 Schrodinger’s Cat


 Formalism -v- Interpretation

 Does a theory need an interpretation?

 The Many World’s interpretation.

PartVII The Sub-atomic world

 Mystery rays


 Pauli’s exclusion principle


 Quantum tunneling,


Part VIII Ultimate Theory

 Quantum theory of light

 Gauge theories


 String theory

Part IX Quantum at work in our everyday lives

 Microchip world

 Future uses of quantum

 Perpetual motion electricity

 Energy from nuclei

 Quantum mechanics in medicine

 Genetic mutations

 Atomic energy


Part X The Future

The course fee is £325 [325GBP] which may be paid in full on enrolment or spread over 8 months at £45 per month

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