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The College of Management Science provides distance learning courses online by direct learning enabling you to train at home in a range of subjects without disrupting your work or family life. The College is an open learning college allowing you to obtain credits for prior learning when appropriate and to maximize your course achievements. The College's courses are registered with the Course Providers Accreditation Scheme and the National Learning Directory. Graduating with the College may enable you to gain entry to a professional or academic body in your field of interest. The syllabuses shown on this site are the college’s most popular courses. We do offer other courses. If you do not see the courses in which you are interested, please email us at college@unifaculty.com and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Meteorology Diploma


Meteorology [Dip.Sc.]. Human life is governed by the weather and in many parts of the world provides a main topic of conversation. It affects so much of our lives from farming, holiday planning and shopping through to the timing of battles in a war. The College’s course covers the science of weather, weather observati0on, the atmosphere and the forces which govern the weather.

Your student pack includes the necessary text together with a student guide and study assistance. In addition to the material, one-to-one help is available throughout the course by email.

Part I Watching the Weather

 The influence of weather
 The weather watchers

Part II Seaweed to Supercomputers

 The age of seaweed
 Early meteorology advances
 The first forecasts
 Looking up into the atmosphere
 Towards modern forecasting

Part III The Weather Station

 Surface observations
 Inside the Stevenson screen
 Outside the Stevenson screen
 Watching the skies
 Automatic weather stations

Part IV Gauging the Atmosphere

 Measuring the upper air
 Radar and lidar
 Observations from space

Part V Anatomy of the Atmosphere

 Composition of the atmosphere
 Pressure, temperature and density
 The atmospheric profile

Part VI Water in the Atmosphere

 The hydrological cycle
 Humidity and moisture
 Water droplets and rain
 Ice crystals and snowflakes

Part VII The Sun

 Our local star
 The Earth in equilibrium
 The effects of the atmosphere
 The effects of clouds

Part VIII Hot and Cold

 Surface temperature
 Adiabatic ascent
 Clouds, fog, dew and frost
 The spherical Earth
 Variation of total solar radiance
 The Earth in non-equilibrium

Part IX The Atmosphere in Motion

 Highs, lows and circulation of air
 The Coriolos effect
 Hadley cells
 Heat transport in the mid-latitudes
 Global circulation

Part X Mid-lLatitude Weather Systems

 The westerly flow
 Anticyclones and air masses
 Low pressure systems
 Fronts and conveyor belts
 When storms become severe

Part XI Weather in the Tropics

 The easterly flow
 Intertropical convergence zone and monsoons
 Tropical depressions and hurricanes
 El Niño, La Niña and the southern oscillation

Part XII Convective Systems, Tornadoes and Thunderstorms

 Unstable conditions
 Cumulonimbus, thunder and lightning
 Organised convective systems
 Supercells and tornadoes

Part XIII Local Weather Effects

 Coastal weather
 Mountain weather
 Desert weather
 Urban weather

Part XIV Forecasting the Weather

 Numerical weather prediction
 The initial conditions
 Running the model
 Global and regional models
 Ensemble forecasting

Part XV The Forecaster’s Challenge

 Making a weather forecast
 Forecasting hazardous weather
 Users of forecasts

Part XVI The Changing Climate

 Past records of climate
 Increasing greenhouse gas concentrations
 Climate models
 Simulating past and future climate
 Adaptation versus mitigation
The course fee is £325 [325GBP] which may be paid in full on
enrolment or spread over 8 months at £45 per month
. To enrol please visit

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