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The College of Management Science provides distance learning courses online by direct learning enabling you to train at home in a range of subjects without disrupting your work or family life. The College is an open learning college allowing you to obtain credits for prior learning when appropriate and to maximize your course achievements. The College's courses are registered with the Course Providers Accreditation Scheme and the National Learning Directory. Graduating with the College may enable you to gain entry to a professional or academic body in your field of interest. The syllabuses shown on this site are the collegeís most popular courses. We do offer other courses. If you do not see the courses in which you are interested, please email us at college@unifaculty.com and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Metaphysics Diploma


Metaphysics [Dip.Ph.] Metaphysics gives deep insights into the very meanings of life. This course requires no prior knowledge of philosophy and is designed to make metaphysics accessible. Examine your personal identity; you know more things, behave differently now to ten years ago, so what makes you you now? Find out about Fatalism, that things may all be fated to happen. What is Time? Does it flow? Does God exist? Examine some of the proofs which exist to prove Godís existence. Why is there anything at all rather than nothing? Study the insights into Free Will and Determinism. Examine the constitution of things. Discover the concept of Universals, that not all truths are created equal. And finally, examine the very nature of Metaphysics itself.

Your student pack includes the necessary text together with a student guide and study assistance. In addition to the material, one-to-one help is available throughout the course by email.

Part I An introduction to Metaphysics

Part II Personal Identity

 The concept of personal identity
 The soul
 Spatiotemporal continuity
 Psychological continuity and the problems of duplication

Part III Fatalism

 Aristotelean discussion of the sea battle
 Past predictions
 Necessary conditions
 God knows

Part IV Time

 The flow of time
 The space-time theory
 Arguments against the space-time theory: change; motion; causes

Part V God

 First cause argument
 Designing the world
 Conceptual guarantees of God

Part VI Why not nothing?

 Ontological arguments
 Explanations : Minimal contingency

Part VII Free will and determinism

 The problem
 Hard determinism
 Quantum mechanics
 Soft determinism

Part VIII Constitution

 The antinomy of constitution
 Assumptions of the antinomy
 The Just-Matter theory
 The takeover theory

Part IX Universals

 Positive reasons

Part X Possibility and necessity

 The problem of possibility and necessity
 Natural possibility and necessity
 Absolute possibility and necessity

Part XI What is Metaphysics?

 Being qua being
 First principles
 Appearances -v- ultimate reality
 Ultimate explanation
 Basic necessities and possibilities

The course fee is £325 [325GBP] which may be paid in full on enrolment or spread over 8 months at £45 per month.To enrol please visit

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