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Health & Safety Management Diploma
in First Aid


First Aid Diploma Course [Dip.F.A.] The Diploma course in first aid is based on the course work as approved by the British Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, and St.Andrew’s Ambulance Association. The lavishly illustrated course text covers infections, cross infections, dealing with waste, stress, first aid at work, first aid at mass gatherings, action at emergencies, traffic incidents, fires, electrical injuries, water rescue, assessing a casualty, mechanics of injury, symptoms and signs, examining a casualty, treatment and aftercare, removing clothing and headgear, monitoring vital signs, dressings and bandages, handling casualties, breathing and circulation, life saving priorities, resuscitation for adults children and infants, respiratory system, hypoxia, airway obstruction, hanging and strangulation, drowning, fume inhalation, penetrating chest wound, hyperventilation, asthma, croup, heart and blood vessels, shock, internal bleeding, anaphylactic shock, angina pectoris, acute heart failure, heart attack, fainting, bleeding and types of wounds, severe bleeding, impalement, amputation, crush injury, cuts and grazes, foreign objects in cuts, bruising, infected wound, scalp and head wounds, eye wound, bleeding from the ear, nosebleed, mouth bleeding, knocked out tooth, wound to the palm, at joint crease, abdominal, vaginal bleeding, varicose vein, bones, muscles and joints, fractures, dislocations, facial fracture, shoulders, arms, hand, ribcage, back pain, pelvis, leg, nervous system, impaired consciousness, head injury, seizures in children, meningitis, headache, migraine, the skin, burns and scalds, heat exhaustion, frostbite, hypothermia, sensory organs, splinter, embedded fish hooks, foreign objects in eye, ear, nose, inhaled or swallowed, poisons, chemicals, drugs, insect bites, animal bites, childbirth and medical problems, emergency first aid.

Your student pack includes the necessary text together with a student guide and study assistance. In addition to the material, one-to-one help is available throughout the course by email.

Part I Becoming a First Aider

 Protection from infection
 Dealing with a casualty
 Requesting help
 Use of medication
 Your own needs

Part II Managing an Incident

 Action at emergency
 Traffic incident
 Electrical incidents
 Water incidents
 Major incidents

Part III Assessing a Casualty

 Assessing the sick or injured
 Mechanisms of injury
 Primary survey
 Secondary survey
 Head-to-toe examination
 Monotoring vital signs

Part IV The Unconscious Casualty

 Breathing and circulation
 Life-saving priorities
 Unconscious adult
 Unconscious child
 Unconscious infant
 How to use an AED

Part V Respiratory Problems

 Respiratory system
Choking adult
Choking child
choking infant
Airway obstruction
Hanging and strangulation
Inhalation of fumes
Penetrating chest wound

Part VI Wounds and Circulation

 Heart and blood vessels

 Bleeding and types of wounds

 Heart attack



 Internal bleeding

 Severe external bleeding




 Crush injury

 Cuts and grazes



 Infected wound

 Foreign object in the wound

 Scalp and head wounds

 Eye wound

 Bleeding from ear


 Knocked out adult tooth

 Bleeding from the mouth

 Wound to palm

 Wound at joint crease

 Abdominal wound

 Vaginal bleeding

 Bleeding varicose vein

Part VII Bone, Joint and Muscle Injuries

 The skeleton

 Bones, muscles and joints


 Dislocated joints

 Strains and sprains

 Facial injury

 Cheekbone and nose injury

 Lower jaw injury

 Collar bone injury

 Shoulder injury

 Upper arm injury

 Elbow injury

 Forearm and wrist injuries

 Hand and finger injuries

 Rib injury

 Back pain

 Hip and thigh injuries

 Fractured pelvis

 Knee injury

 Lower leg injury

 Ankle injury

 Foot and toe injuries


Part VIII Nervous System Problems

 The nervous system

 Impaired consciousness

 Head injury


 Cerebal compression

 Seizures in adults

 Seizures in children

 Spinal injury


Part IX Effects of Cold and Heat

 The skin

 Assessing a burn

 Severe burns and scalds

 Minor burns and scalds

 Burns to the airway
 Chemical burn

 Chemical burn to the eye

 Flash burn to the eye

 CS spray injury



 Heat exhaustion

 Heat stroke



Part XII Techniques and Equipment
 Removing clothing

 Removing headgear

 Casualty handling

 First Aid materials


 Cold compresses

 Principles of bandaging

 Roller banage

 Tubular gauze bandage

 Triangular bandage

 Reef knots

 Arm sling

 Elevation sling

 Improvised slings

Part XIII Emergency First Aid

 Action in an emergency

 CPR for an adult

 CPR for a child

 CPR for an infant

 Choking adult

 Choking child [one year to puberty]

 Choking child [under one year]


 Heart attack

 Severe external bleeding


 Broken bones

 Head injury

 Seizures in adults

 Seizures in children

 Spinal injury


 Burns and scalds


 Swallowed poisons


 Anaphylactic Shock; Meningitis

The course fee is £325 [325GBP] which may be paid in full on enrolment or spread over 8 months at £45 per month. To enrol please visit http://www.unifaculty.com/html/safety_management.html

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