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Diploma in Philosophy
the Concept of Common Sense


Your student pack includes the necessary text together with a student guide and study assistance. In addition to the material, one-to-one help is available throughout the course by email.

1. Introduction. A short general discussion on the nature of Common Sense and our perception of our world

2. Logic and Common Sense
An Introduction
False Logic
 Arithmetic without Common Sense:
 In the Courtroom
 Common Sense trumps Logic in War
 Cause and Effect
3. Common Sense, Experts, Business and Celebrities
 Common Sense, Experts and Expertise
 Experts on experts and expertise
 Group Expertise
 International Bodies’ Experts
 Celebrity fallacy in expertise
 Commercial expertise fallacy
4. The ways in which we have acquired Common Sense
 Watch and Copy
 Classical Conditioning
 Operant Conditioning
 Inherited Learning
5. Processes which affect or alter our use of Common Sense
 Reality Framing
 Our Mindset
 Mindset and False Perception
 Mindset and Strangeness
 Mindset and Déja Vue
 Photographic Memory effects
 Mindset and Bias
 Gender Bias
 Mindset and False Logic
 Bias in Probability and Coincidence
 Probability Analysis
  Frequency Based
  Posibility Based
  Probability Argument
  Subjective Estimation
  Gamblers’ Fallacy
  Conjunction Fallacy
  Conditional Probability
 Having and Using Prejudices
 Political Correctness
 Law of Unintended Consequences
 Driverless vehicles
 Sugar Tax
 Cheap Whisky
 Use it or Lose it Budgeting
 Classroom sizes
 Impressing someone important to us
 Motor Vehicle Fuel
 Dropping lead and feathers

6. Frustrating influences on Common Sense
 The rule of Law or the rule of Lawyers
 Commercial Questionable Practice
 Science, Global Warming and Climate Change
 Climate Change Facts
 Climate Change Evidence
 Mediæval Warm Period - 9th to 13th Centuries
 Common Sense and Democracies
7. Common Sense Solutions to Common Problems
 The UK Television Licence fee
 Supermarket and Town Council car parks
 Income Taxes
 Foreign Aid
 Council Houses and Housing Benefit
 Property Rights
 Cheaper and secure Energy
  Standard issue Nuclear energy
  Thorium Reactors
  Coal and oil
 Trades Unions, Strikes and Common Sense
 Benefits for all who fall on hard times
 Quasi-governmental organisations (Quangos)

The course fee is £75 [75GBP].To enrol please visit
http://www.unifaculty.com/html/common_sense.html or at


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