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The College of Management Science provides distance learning courses online by direct learning enabling you to train at home in a range of subjects without disrupting your work or family life. The College is an open learning college allowing you to obtain credits for prior learning when appropriate and to maximize your course achievements. The College's courses are registered with the Course Providers Accreditation Scheme and the National Learning Directory. Graduating with the College may enable you to gain entry to a professional or academic body in your field of interest. The syllabuses shown on this site are the collegeís most popular courses. We do offer other courses. If you do not see the courses in which you are interested, please email us at college@unifaculty.com and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Psychology of Body Language Diploma


Diploma in Body Language -Applied Psychology [Dip.A.Psy.] The collegeís course enables you to learn how body language reveals emotions and thoughts of others, learn what Prime Minister Gordon Brown has in common with Henry VIII and what it reveals, how to tell when someone is lying, how to create rapport, when men and women shake hands, smiling, how humour heals, arm signals, hugging, the power of touch, cultural differences, hand and thumb gestures, women are better at lying, eye signals, pupil dilation, how to grab a manís attention, the first 20 seconds of an interview, leg and feet positions, common gestures, body mirroring, reading body angles, courtship displays and attraction gestures, ownership territory and height signals, seating arrangements - where to sit and why, interviews and office politics. In addition to learning how to read others real thoughts by as much as the way their eyes move when talking to us, the course also covers the secret signals which convey meanings such as the interaction with objects nearby.

Your student pack includes the necessary text together with a student guide and study assistance. In addition to the material, one-to-one help is available throughout the course by email.

Part I An introduction

Knowing the back of your hand
Spotting body language contradictions
The body language dictionary

Part II The Basics

How body language reveals emotions and thoughts
Why women are more perceptive
What brain scans show
How fortune tellers and psychics know so much about us
Inborn, genetic or learned culturally
Basic origins
Universal gestures
Rules for accurate reading
Why it can be easy to misread
Why children are easier to read
Faking body language
Developing your talent as a reader

Part III The Power of Hands

How to detect openness
Intentional use of the palms to deceive
The law of cause and effect
Palm power
Analysis of handshake styles
How dominance and control are communicated
The submissive handshake
How to create equality
How to create rapport
How to disarm a power player
Gaining the left side advantage
When men and women shake hands
The world's eight worst handshakes

Part IV Smiling and Laughter

Smiling is a submission signal
Why smiling is contagious
How smiles trick the brain
Fake smiles
Five common types of smile
Taking laughter seriously
How humour heals
How jokes work
Smiling for women
Laughter in love

Part V Arm Signals

Arm barrier signals
Gender differences
Arm-crossing and arm gripping
Boss -v- staff
Revealing insecurity
Power of touch

Part VI Cultural Differences

The cultural test
Similarity of cultural basics
Greeting differences
English stiff upper lip
Nose blowing
To touch or not to touch
How to offend other cultures

Part VII Hand and Thumb Gestures

How the hand talks
Gestures which improve recall
Rubbing the palms together
Thumb and finger rub
Hands clenched together
The steeple
Face platter
Hands behind the back
Thumb displays
Thumbs protruding from coat pockets

Part VIII Evaluation and Deceit Signals

Lying research
How the face reveals the truth
Why women are better at lying
Why lying is difficult
The eight most common lying gestures
Evaluation and procrastination gestures
The lying interviewee
Chin stroking
Stalling clusters
Head rubbing and slapping gestures

Part IX Eye Signals

The dilating pupil
The eyebrow flash
Eye widening
The looking up cluster
Gaze behaviour
Securing a male's attention
Most liars look you in the eye
Avoid being attacked or abused
Sideways glances
Extended blinking
The geography of the face
The first 20 seconds of an interview
Holding eye contact with an audience

Part X Territories and Personal Space

Personal space
Zone distances
Why we hate being in a lift
Why mobs become angry
Spacing rituals
Cultural factors
Territory and ownership

Part XI How the Legs reveal what the Mind Wants to do

How feet tell the truth
The main standing positions
European leg cross
American figure four
Ankle lock
Short skirt syndrome
Leg twine
Parallel legs

Part XII The Most Common Gestures Seen Daily

The head nod
How to encourage agreement
The head shake
Basic head positions
Head shrug
Picking imaginary lint or fluff
The cowboy stance
Legs spread
Leg over the arm of a chair
Straddling a chair
Gestures which show when someone is ready

Part XIII How We Build Rapport

Mirroring on a cellular level
Mirroring differences between men and women
Matching voices
Intentionally creating rapport
Who mirrors whom?

Part XIV The Secret Signals of Glasses and Make-up

Two types of smokers
Smoking as a sexual display
Cigar smokers
How to read glasses
Stalling tactics
Peering over the glasses
Wearing glasses on the head
Briefcase signals

Part XV How the Body Points to What the Mind Wants

Body angles
Excluding others
Seated body pointing
Foot pointing

Part XVI Courtship Displays and Attraction Gestures

Differences between men and women
The attraction process
The most common female courtship gestures and signals
What men look at in women's bodies
Male courtship signals and gestures
What women look at in a man's body

Part XVII Ownership Territory and Height Signals

Body lowering and status
Why some people seem taller on television
The downsides of height
How body lowering can sometimes raise status
How TV politicians can win votes
How to placate angry people
Strategies for gaining perceived height

Part XVIII Seating Arrangements

Where you sit
King Arthur's concept
Keeping two people involved
Rectangular board tables
Why teachers' pets sit on the left
Power plays at home
How to make an audience cry
The attention zone
Getting a decision over dinner

Part XIX Interviews, Power Plays and Office Politics

Why James Bond looked cool and collected
Making a great first impression
When someone keeps you waiting
Strategies to give you an edge
Office power politics
Switching table territories
Seated body pointing
How to re-arrange an office

The course fee is £325 [325GBP] which may be paid in full on
enrolment or spread over 8 months at £45 per month.
You can also enrol in any 3 courses and pay only for two. To enrol please visit


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