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The College of Management Science provides distance learning courses online by direct learning enabling you to train at home in a range of subjects without disrupting your work or family life. The College is an open learning college allowing you to obtain credits for prior learning when appropriate and to maximize your course achievements. The College's courses are registered with the Course Providers Accreditation Scheme and the National Learning Directory. Graduating with the College may enable you to gain entry to a professional or academic body in your field of interest. The syllabuses shown on this site are the college’s most popular courses. We do offer other courses. If you do not see the courses in which you are interested, please email us at college@unifaculty.com and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Anatomy & Physiology Diploma


Anatomy & Physiology Course [Dip.A.Phy.] This easy to access course is especially useful for holistic and other therapists. The course gives an introduction to anatomy and physiology followed by an introduction to anatomy and physiology for therapists. This is followed by work on cells and tissues, skin hair and nails, the skeletal system, muscles and the muscular system, the blood circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, the endochrine system, the digestive system, the excretory and urinary system, the reproductive system.

Your student pack includes the necessary text together with a student guide and study assistance. In addition to the material, one-to-one help is available throughout the course seven days a week by email.

Introduction to anatomy and physiology

 Introduction to anatomy and physiology for therapists

Cell and Tissues

 Structure and property of cells

 Cell metabolism and nutrition


 Tissues of the Body

 Disorders and diseases of cells and tissues

 Cells and tissues and the ageing process

Skin, Hair and Nails

 Skin Structure

 Skin functions


 Skin layers

 Appendages of the skin

 Subcutaneous layer

 Structure of the hair

 Hair growth cycle

 Structure of the nail

 Diseases and disorders of the skin, hair and nails

 Skin and the ageing process

Skeletal System

 Structure of the skeleton

 Functions of the skeleton

 Bone formation and types

 Cartilage, ligaments and tendons

 Disorders of bones and joints

 Effects of ageing on the skeletal system

Muscles and the Muscular System

 Types of muscle tissue

 Functions and structure of voluntary muscles

 Structure of voluntary muscle

 Structure and function of tendons

 Muscles of the head and neck

 Muscles of the shoulder

 Muscles of the upper limb

 Muscles of lower limb

 Muscles of back and buttock

 Action of muscles

 Muscle fatigue

 Variations in muscle performance

 Muscular diseases and disorders

 Effects of ageing on the muscular system

Blood Circulatory System

 Functions of the circulatory system

 Composition and function of blood

 Types and functions of blood cells

 Structure and function of blood vessels

 The Heart

 Pulse rate and blood pressure

 Diseases and disorders of the blood circulatory system

 Ageing and the blood circulatory system

Lymphatic System

 Components of the lymphatic system

 Function of the lymphatic system

 Lymphatic pathway

 Disorders and diseases of the lymphatic system

 Ageing and the lymphatic system

Respiratory System

 Organs of respiration

 Gaseous exchange

 Process of breathing

 Effects of pollution on the respiratory system

 Disorders and diseases of the respiratory system

 Ageing and the respiratory system

Nervous System

 Structure and function of a nerve cell

 Structure and function of central nervous system

 Structure and function of peripheral nervous system

 Sensory system

 Structure and function of autonomic nervous system

 Nature of reflex actions

 Effects of ageing on nervous system

Endocrine System

 Endocrine glands and their hormones

 Diseases and disorders of the endocrine system

 Effects of age on the endocrine system

Digestive System

 Organs, structures and process of digestion

 Digestion, absorption and utilisation of nutrients

 Diseases and disorders of the digestive system

 Effects of ageing on the digestive system

Excretory and Urinary System

 Homeostatic mechanisms

 Urinary system


 Urine production and excretion

 Structure and function of sweat glands

 Diseases and disorders of the excretory system

 Effects of ageing on the excretory system

Reproductive System

 Male reproductive system

 Female reproductive system

 Menstrual cycle

 Fertilisation, pregnancy and birth


 Structure and function of female breast

 Diseases and disorders of the reproductive system

 Effects of ageing on the reproductive system

The course fee is £325 [325GBP] which may be paid in full on enrolment or spread over 8 months at £45 per month. You can also enrol in any 3 courses and pay only for two. To enrol please visit http://www.unifaculty.com/html/therapist_courses.html

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